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Grilled Chicken Breast Plate $7.99 each
A boneless, skinless chicken breast prepared with GeorgiaBob's signature rib rub and topped with our delicious sweet sauce. This plate is served with a choice of 2 sides, a bun, and pickle slices. Single dessert may be exchanged for regular side item.

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Green Beans  
Fruit Cup  
Mac & Cheese  
Pickle Slices  
Sweet Potato Tots  
Fried Okra  
Baked Beans  
Original Lays Chips  
BBQ Lays Chips  
Baked Original Lays Chips  
Regular Zapps Chips  
Jalapeno Zapps Chips  
Cole Slaw  
French Fries  
Potato Salad  
Brunswick Stew  
Single Serving Banana Pudding  
Single Serving Chocolate Delight  

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